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Elevator Parts Detail:

Lift Tech Engineers has been delivering best in the class elevators for nearly two decades now. We are also the most revered Elevator Parts Manufacturers in India trusted by many clients. Since our inception in 2001 we have been constantly striving to deliver top notch solutions in the field of elevators.

We offer premium quality elevator parts like Guide Rail, Door Lock, Counter Weight, Elevator Retiring Cam,Elevator Car Frame , GP Bracket, Guide Shoe, Safety Block, Spring Buffers and Suspension Rod. For an entire elevator system to run safely and flawlessly each of these parts are highly vital. As the elevator manufactures we understand the industry norms well and design our parts in compliance with these standards.

We at Lift Tech Engineers are always in pursuit of excellence and that is why we source the finest raw materials. The manufacturing and testing techniques that we adopt are highly advanced and precise. Thus our clients enjoy using durable, high performing and rugged parts. Our elevator parts are synonymous with quality and precision.

Guide Rail

Door Lock

Elevator Retiring Cam

G. P. Bracket

Guide Shoe

Safety Block

Spring Buffers

Suspension Rod