Mfg. of: Lift Duty Reduction Gear Box, Electric Motor & Other Lift Parts

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Max. Load Capacity                     : 6 Passengers or 408 Kgs
Static Load Capacity                    : 3000 Kg
Rated Speed Maximum               : 0.63 m/s, Reduction Ratio 41:1
Gear Box O/P Torque Capacity   : 921 Nm @ Input Speed of 940 rpm.
Motor Power and Speed             : 3.7 kw/940 rpm, S.S/VVVF, 350-410V, 3PH, 50 Hz S4 duty,
                                                     Insulation Class 'F'
Brake operating Mechanism      : Electro - Magnetic type with supply DC 110v. / 220v.
Friction Sheave Size                   : Dia 530 x 3 Grooves x Rope Dia. 10 or 13mm.
Oil capacity                                : 3 lits.
Weight of compete unit             : 270 Kg.

Keeping such a view, how to produce our same product qualifying higher quality in low cost for our customers. In lieu of this, we are proud to innovate and create the new designed elevator traction machines having LIFT-TEC branded which is attracting affordable cost with surpreme quality maintaining.

In today’s era, the demand for Traction Elevators has increased multifold making them the most common type of elevators. We are the best and the most reliable elevator traction machines manufacturers offering contemporary designs and cheaper and easy installations. Elevator cars are pulled by sheaves which are rolling steel ropes and the weight of the car is balanced through a counterweight. They are perfect for mid as well as high-rise applications and have higher travel speeds in comparison to hydraulic elevators.

Lift Tec Engineers is a reputed organization which has been manufacturing and supplying elevator traction machines since its inception. Our machines are manufactured using highest quality metals and alloys and we ensure that the entire range of machines offered by us are of premium quality. As the leading elevator traction machines manufacturers in India, we use the latest manufacturing techniques and technologies to manufacture these elevators that typically operate at higher speeds as compared to other brands. We are experts at manufacturing Upper Traction Elevator Units, Horizontal Traction Machine as well as elevator traction machines. Owing to the highest quality of the complete range of the products we present, we have accomplished a huge client-base that spreads across the nation.


  • Worm wheel nickel base phosphorus bronze to achieve more life
  • Graded cast iron....
  • Hardened alloy steel for shafts....


  • Moter and Gear flexible for easy maintenance
  • low weight and easy installation...
  • Traction sheave 180 to 220 brinell Hardness.